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Nom du vétérinaire Adresse mail Code postal
Ville Etoiles Etoile Trait
BENAMOU-SMITH  Agnès agnes.benamou@vetagro-sup.fr  69280 MARCY L'ETOILE  4* 4*
CHALLULAU  Cecile challulaucecile@hotmail.com   CORSE - Porto Veccio    
CHAMBOST  Jean-Luc jeanlucchambost@free.fr 26540 MOURS ST EUSEBE 4* 4*
D'ANGELI  Claude c.d-angeli-ly86@veterinaire .fr 20250 CORSE - CORTE 3* 3*
DURAND SIONNET  Béatrice bds.osteovet@hotmail.fr 05000 GAP    
FABRIZY  Bernard fabrizyb@yahoo.fr   CORSE  3*  2*
FAUREAU  Bernard faureau.veto@wanadoo.fr 03190 HERISSON    
FILLIAT   Christine vetopole26@orange.fr  26300 CHATEAU NEUF SUR ISERE    
FRAIPONT  Audrey audreyfraipont@yahoo.fr  01150 WOLUWE ST PIERRE (Bruxelles)    
FREDERIC  Didier vetofredidier@infonie.fr  03380  TREIGNAT    
LANDTMETERS  Pierre moulin.aristote@wanadoo.fr 04700 LURS    
MAGNAN   Cécile cecile.magnan@wanadoo.fr 30190 SAUZET 3* 2*
MANSUY Caroline caroline.mansuy@wanadoo.fr 83440 SAINT PAUL LA FORET    
ARGUET  Caroline caroline_marguet@hotmail.fr 11270 BREZILHAC    
MOLITOR  Céline celine_molitor_2@hotmail.com 05530 PURNODE (Yvoir)    
PASQUINI  Pascal ppdb3@wanadoo.fr 05300 LARAGNE MONTEGLIN    
PAYAN  Michel michel.payan@wanadoo.fr 84740 VELLERON 4* 4*
PELISSIER  Christophe vetpelissier@aol.com 30190 SAUZET 4* 4*
ROMANTZOFF  Pierre promantzoff@caramail.com 05000 GAP 4* 4*
SAUDEMONT  Axel axelsaudemont@hotmail.com 01260 FITIGNIEU 3* 0
SEGUIN  Antoine a.flomaleo@wanadoo.fr 48500 BANASSAC 4* 4*
SIMON  Virginie suleimanvar@gmail.com 83300 CHATEAUDOUBLE    
SIMON  Corinne jean.pascal.simon@orange.fr 34800 NEBIAN    
SIMON  Jean-Pascal jean.pascal.simon@orange.fr 34800 NEBIAN 3* 3*
SOURIOU-PAYAN  Laure michel.payan@wanadoo.fr 84400 GARGAS 3* 2*
TANRET  Emilie- laure emilie.tanret@yahoo.fr 84170 MONTEUX    



information FEI

we are very pleased to remind you that you can download the updated document on the link here after on our FEI Website:


As of the 1st March 2015, every President of the Ground Jury appointed on CEI events will rely with the President of the Treating Vet panel and acknowledge the Clinic Log IN/OUT form and sign it, before confirming the results of the event to the OC/FEI.

The Treating Veterinarian will provide the President of the Ground Jury with the filled form at the end of the event, the President of the Ground Jury should always keep a copy of this form, with a copy of the results signed off and be ready to send it to the FEI for any request. We have created as well an email address if you would like to send it to clinicreport@fei.org after the event.

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